A novel about the destructive power of silence

What's in a Name

What’s in a Name is about a woman who has been renamed by her dying mother. She accepts that name, but then she goes silent about its significance. As an adult, a married woman, she finds herself in a battle to no longer remain silent.

In this moving fictional tale that deals head-on, and in stunning language, with the devastation and the pain of a young woman who is becoming herself, the novel also deals with a subplot about a seventy-five-year-old who has already become the woman she seemed fated to be. What’s in a Name promises an unforgettable read that echoes throughout its pages that every woman knows her own sorrows.

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Book description

The day turns freezing and dark, a heinous crime occurs and abandonment ensues. It is the last day of school for a twelve-year-old girl named Christine in 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

Twenty-one years later, she finally realizes that her silence about the meaning of her other name, which her mother gave to her on her death bed, threatens her survival. She has formed a compromise through her new name, Lena, to survive the events of her childhood.

Accompanied by her husband, she takes the trip of her life to a paradisaical landscape, Jamaica, where she meets a woman who knows about compromising. Christine discovers that both a woman's compromise and her retraction of that compromise can be not only courageous but also dazzlingly infelicitous.

That infelicity is found in the name of a seventy-four-year-old Jamaican woman who now calls herself Dell-Dell.


While a reflective take on the relationship between mothers and their children, What's in a Name also refers to past events in the lives of four women.

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Now part of the forthcoming The Barred-spiral Trilogy

The 2021 version of the novel is coming at the end of September.