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Critical achievements

Meritocracy, relativity and problem-based learning

Prescriptivist vs. relativist

The trauma of my past, of life in general, puts me in a particular circumstance that has driven me to attempt to revolutionize how the English language is seen, used and taught. While I may be a prescriptivist as a learner, I’m a relativist in this revolutionary pursuit.

Relativity simply refers to the idea that certain things that often take a course of action in adherence to universal rules can sometimes bend those rules in particular circumstances.

Julia Lane

This is because I have learned that meritocracy, when you are chosen and moved into success, power and influence, is in the hands of the relativist, who will ultimately use problem-based learning to bend the universal rules of formal education to secure critical achievements.

So what is your particular circumstance? Use it to bend the rules in your course of actions that adhere to universal rules for your own critical achievements.