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About me

Personal statement

As a literary fiction writer and content creator with advanced linguistic and grammatical skills, I possess expert writing and editing skills plus social-media savvy and technical social-media skills.

Career statement

Writer seeking to gain success, authority as an expert, and influence based on demonstrated abilities and merit in service to others. Masterful and compelling storytelling skills are used as a form of communication, and enthusiasm for English grammar and linguistics as a strategy for education.



Writing and editing

Advanced grammar and linguistic skills

Writing (literary fiction) and content creation as a grammar enthusiast with advanced linguistic and grammatical skills. Possess expert writing experience to create various types of accurate and engaging content, including blogs, home pages and landing pages, ad copy and product description.

Educational editing practices

Key study areas, subjects and their purposes inform my educational editing practices.

Editing practices

These practices involve the methods and theories and their purposes used for advanced editing.

Editing process

This process reflects an innovative educational and grammatical editing model used to adhere to grammatical integrity while supporting educational processes and meeting traditional publishing standards.

Social-media savvy

Working and foundational knowledge of SEO principles and concepts

Website development

Possess strong and practical experience working to improve website user engagement by leveraging core SEO concepts (i.e. home pages and landing pages, microcopy that enhances UX and product description, CTAs) and SEO metadata knowledge (i.e. head keywords, long-tail keywords, mission (niche), transition words, etc.). Core SEO concept knowledge that results in organic traffic is demonstrated via keen skills to develop content strategies across social media channels.

Understanding of social media channels and best practices

Content writing

Possess not only solid writing experience but experience choosing and using appropriate content types, such as articles (i.e. blog posts, branded/native content), eBooks and the product description for purpose-driven writing to engage an audience.

Knowledge and understanding of best practices are used to create better content and better insights. Keen skills to develop content strategies across social media channels involves website copywriting: compelling web copy (e.g. UX copywriting) and web content (quality ideas) that enhances UX and directs users to what’s informative, interesting and valuable.

Technical social-media skills

Content production

Content creator using Microsoft 365 document-management service and Microsoft Academic Edition to create new forms of media, including content libraries in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Lists to fulfil content strategy. Enterprise tools used to create concepts and develop messaging: Microsoft 365 (document-management service), Office 365 (entire suite of Microsoft applications, i.e. Word, Excel, etc.), Microsoft Education (Microsoft Academic Edition products for faculty and students).


Collaborative experiences include those for purposes of marketing, developing content, style and layouts, and branding. Collaboration tools used in hybrid-learning environments: Microsoft 365, i.e. SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote, etc.

Content management systems

Experience analyzing social and website data for traffic and engagement metrics via the following: Google knowledge panel, Google accounts and services (e.g. Brand accounts), web host cPanel and dashboard, WordPress dashboard.

Social media/platforms


Adobe Creative Cloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube (Brand Channel), Google Knowledge Panel, Gravatar, Kindle Publishing (Amazon), Amazon Author Page.


Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud, WordPress, HTML.

Work experience


I have developed this website to share the meaningful wins throughout my evolution. I also operate my own organization on the Microsoft Azure platform and utilize Microsoft applications.


Social media and communication

With a Microsoft Education designation for my organization, I work in the consistent, reliable and secure learning environment of Microsoft 365. Specifically, Microsoft Teams enables me to bring together the tools I use to perform my work. This is achieved through operating the organization on the Microsoft Azure platform. Hence, Microsoft applications are integral to my developing and formalizing pedagogical solutions that help me produce manuscripts that are highly readable and semantically sound. These solutions encompass both the linguistic and the grammatical.

Publishing and business operation experience


Self-educated via problem-based learning
Find out about my learning initiative for English grammar and linguistics.

I study English grammar and linguistics through a learning initiative. I also continue to put the teaching style of problem-based learning into action by finding a solution to the problem of independent writers/editors like myself having all the necessary tools to achieve traditional publishing standards. In a way, I have “tend[ed] to my own obsessions.”

Background and Summary

I started out in administration in the fields of healthcare, project management and database development. Since 2016, I have been working to further develop myself as a fiction writer while working on my English grammatical and linguistic pursuits.