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About Literary Editing Project (LEP) posts

A descriptive grammatical and linguistic checklist


Like The LEP webbook, LEP posts can help you construct highly readable and semantically sound literary manuscripts. They both entail the same process-method that addresses syntax & semantics, orthography and readability elements, a grammatical approach we like to refer to as The SSORE of writing & editing, or SSORE.

Subject matters

SSORE is an acronymn for the three distinct subject matters into which The LEP is divided:

  1. Syntax & Semantics
  2. Orthography
  3. Readability Elements

The goal

The goal of the LEP posts is to provide quick access to editing tools that will be able to search for and identify some of the most integral operatives involved (words, phrases, clauses, punctuation and the use of literary devices) in constructing a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript. Interested users will be offered unique editing solutions in post format, which will fall under any of the above subject matters of The LEP.

LEP posts

Syntax & semantics posts

Posts within this category focus on writing and editing elements that deal with the arrangement of grammatical constituents, grammatical function and morphology.
February 5, 2021

Isolating mid-sentence dangling modifiers

Case for isolating present participles after the coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) In some situations where there is a dangling modifier (which is “a type of misplaced modifier” […]
October 30, 2020

Identify illogical simultaneous actions caused by participles

Case for isolating present participles in their various positions Present participles can create illogical simultaneous actions (two actions taking place at the same time when they […]

Orthography posts

Posts within this category focus on writing and editing elements that deal with writing conventions, such as spelling (i.e., compound adjectives, noun phrases), capitalization, end-of-line hyphenation, and punctuation, which includes diacritics and macrons in loanwords, ligatures, and italics for emphasis.

Readability Elements posts

Posts within this category focus on clarity as an element of high readability. They also address and reinforce the importance of syntactic coordination as an aid in comprehension and correct meaning.