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Our publishing solutions and our editing system are designed to help you edit your manuscript to meet traditional publishing standards.

The importance of having a professional mindset

What is a professional mindset?

According to Thomas Frank, YouTuber, Author and Entreprenuer, a professional mindset “is simply not relying on inspiration to strike in order for you to do your creative work.”
James Clear … said that you do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. So when you can build a system like this, when you can put yourself on a schedule, you fall here [up to the level of your goals] instead of here [down to the level of your systems].

Thomas Frank

So whether it’s launching men into outer space or doing creative work at home … it turns out that systems are important.

Dagogo Altraide (ColdFusion)

Building Perfect Book Blocks in Microsoft Word

Working with special characters, proofing language, document cleanup and quality check

Eventually you arrive at the galley proof or page proof (the final proof) of your book. But how do you get there with a document that has been constantly evolving? Content has been added and removed; it has been formatted and reformatted. However, you now need to build those perfect book blocks.

You can do so via this detailed process involving your paying careful attention to special characters, such as non-breaking spaces, optional hyphens and the like, that impact end-of-line hyphenation. Using Microsoft Word, you will be able to produce a typographically vetted document that is free of widows, orphans, runs, stacks and other formatting inconsistencies.


Pedagogical Copy Editing Project Management (PCEPM) system

A purposive editing tool

Our Pedagogical Copy Editing Project Management (PCEPM) tool incorporates both a pedagogical model and a product model. They contribute to creating an overall purposive editing system, which also includes our pre-publication formatting guide, Building Perfect Book Blocks in Microsoft Word.

The PCEPM tool incorporates an instructional design that encourages a purposive approach to support all editorial changes through a knowledge base (or reference material). Both this model and approach support the active engagement of the following:

  • Instructional design
  • Course assembly