The healing lists

A mental-health project

Each of our healing lists is a compilation of educational material gathered from sources that focus on, of course, healing. We post these as part of our creative and transformative ideals to use the linguistic aspect of English to engender understanding through the Socratic and the life-affirming.

The goal and the hope are that these lists will help you dismantle any negative repercussions of your own humanity, what is instinctive.

Below you can find out what healing means to us.

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Our suggested ingredients for healing that lead to mental health

To us, healing means to:


Destroy anything that encircles you and normalizes negativity.


Break up the circle of negativity into parts.


Organize again the fragments of the destroyed circle.


Remove the faults or abuses out of which the negative circle was created and improve yourself.

Posts of the healing lists

October 2, 2022

A reckoning that what we do shapes our realities

Garie McIntosh’s the Healing List Forty-five years old. Black. Jamaica-born. I’ve been struggling to understand why I attracted people who manipulated me, lied to me and […]