Read excerpts of What’s in a Name, a story that will change what we think of mothers, silence and our names.

The 2021 version of the novel, coming June 2021, which will form a series of inter-related novels in a thematic trilogy called The Barred-spiral Trilogy, which is named for comparing a mother’s influence to what happens, the motions, in a spiral galaxy that has a central bar-shaped structure.
  • Christine Waters aka Lena Brown breaks free from her name like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.
  • Elizabeth Laird aka Mother Laird feels the heaviness of her father’s ignorance even after she has broken free from her maiden name by taking her husband’s.
  • Mavis Dell aka Dell-Dell breaks the dawn with her new name after miraculously, it seems, rolling a “drum not on a flat surface but on an incline without it slipping.”
  • And Althea Brown aka Auntie Brown accepts a new name that is symbolic of both her denial and her faith.