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A jaw-dropping novel about the power of secrets

Newly minted writer, editor and grammar enthusiast, Garie McIntosh has reissued his first novel as an ambitious piece of literary fiction.

What's in a Name is about the power of secrets, the people who wield such sometimes inexpressible power and the women haunted by those secrets.

The author is now reintroducing the story, while establishing himself as a storytelling communicator. Also, he introduces readers to his forthcoming “The Barred-Spiral Trilogy,” which will feature two of his other upcoming novels. They will be linked by a theme—creating a thematic trilogy.

What’s in a Name is about a woman who has been renamed by her dying mother. She accepts that name, but then she goes silent thereafter about the significance of her new name. As an adult, a married woman, she finds herself in a battle to no longer remain silent.

WHAT’S IN A NAME has been reissued

A must-read

What's in a Name will take readers on an incredible journey marked by the author's commanding, powerful and unforgettable use of language. The novel itself is a searing journey that intimately portrays the lives of seven women.
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It will change the way we view secrets, what we think of them and ultimately, how we address them, even the women who keep them.