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How it all started

An image I took in Jamaica on June 8, 2015, at 11:33 p.m. struck me as being unworldly, inspiring me with otherworldly desires. There also seemed to be a numinous backstory to its appearance on a concrete wall structure that was shaded by the limbs of a banana tree. I connoted a meaningful future for myself, or at least an imminent transcendental experience. However, I did not relegate what I felt to a purely “religious sign” as a number of people to whom I’d initially shown it have since done. Instead, conferring some significance to my reality at that time, the image resolved itself into my own suprarational thoughts and ideas that I could pursue through only the pure education of writing.

I was not yet a writer, but I did have a story to tell, so I went about the business of doing so. Indeed, it all seemed like an impossible dream, but that achievement would be critical.

Thank you for your interest in reviewing my writing. I like to tell a story, so I have coined my “brand” of writing as storytelling communication. This is because I believe that storytelling is, simply, analogous to communication. Consequently, my goal is to say something succinctly while making the description vivid. I like to practise and stay focused for sedulous craftsmanship.

Garie McIntosh

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