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Pedagogy, Corpus and Syllabus

Erudite grammatical and linguistic material

This class presents erudite grammatical and linguistic material that is divided into individual curriculum containers (SharePoint folders) named after the team itself.

Publishing Solutions

Building Perfect Book Blocks in Microsoft Word

“Building Perfect Book Blocks in Microsoft Word” is a checklist that is part of the cadre of tools that we developed to address formatting a manuscript. It involves working with special characters, proofing language, document cleanup and quality check.

Eventually you arrive at the galley proof or page proof (the final proof) of your book. But how do you get there with a document that has been constantly evolving? Content has been added and removed; it has been formatted and reformatted. However, you now need to build those perfect book blocks.

You can do so via this detailed process involving your paying careful attention to special characters, such as non-breaking spaces, optional hyphens and the like, that impact end-of-line hyphenation. Using MS Word, you will be able to produce a typographically vetted document that is free of widows, orphans, runs, stacks and other formatting inconsistencies.

The Literary Editing Project (The LEP)

A process-method for literary manuscripts

The LEP is an editing process that uses the concepts of grammatical “form” and “function” to study and describe morphology, syntax, and orthography. The LEP helps you ensure your edit will result in the construction of a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript. The LEP also helps you elevate your literary writing through greater awareness of grammatical functions and syntactic functions and the use of the Find tool (search dialog) in MS Word.

The LEP is concerned with the most integral language operatives involved in constructing a manuscript.



A grammatical editing method

MCINTOSHFORMS™ is a process-method we developed as part of our editing model to meaningfully isolate grammatical forms (via Reading Highlight, which quickly finds highlighted text) using the Advanced Find tool in MS Word. This process-method enables us to search for specific patterns that we will study/review, and to address any usage issues identified instead of relying on generative AI to instantly resolve textual problems. This involves the use of regular expressions, a “group of characters or symbols which is used to find a specific pattern from some text.”


The Mental Health Project

Sharing knowledge from sources that focus on resilience

The Mental Health Project Class features news links (external articles) that are educational materials gathered from sources that tend to focus on resilience. Our news posts, which we refer to as Healing Lists, reflect our creative and transformative ideals to continuously use the linguistic aspect of English to engender understanding through the Socratic and the life-affirming.

Important considerations for joining

Our pedagogy

Our pedagogy, a teaching method, attempts to describe every grammatical and linguistic element in individual writing, from ideas to events, and then create the relationships between these things via a purposive copy-editing system.

Our learning principle

Work the solution out rather than find instant answers.

What we believe

We believe that the approach of our pedagogy, our content creation and our cadre of tools can help writers produce better work. That outcome is often realized only when the work enters the realm of traditional publishing.

Our objective is to enable writers to create better work beforehand, and that plan is mapped out in a triad of core areas, each of which has its own respective activity:

  1. Copy editing
  2. Manuscript Construction
  3. Course/Curriculum Design

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