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Educational solutions that impact your writing craft

Educational tools and environments are the cornerstones of how Garie performs his work—writing, editing and constructing manuscripts.

The benefits of a Microsoft Education (EDU) designation

With a Microsoft EDU designation for his organization, Garie works in the consistent, reliable and secure learning environment of Microsoft 365. Specifically, Microsoft Teams enables him to bring together the tools he uses to perform his work. This is achieved through operating the organization on the Microsoft Azure platform. Hence, Microsoft applications are integral to his developing and formalizing his own pedagogical solutions that help him produce manuscripts that are highly readable and semantically sound. These solutions encompass both the linguistic and the grammatical.


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What’s in a Name is about a woman who has been renamed by her dying mother. She accepts that name, but then she goes silent thereafter about the significance of her new name. As an adult, a married woman, she finds herself in a battle to no longer remain silent.

Pedagogical solutions

Garie’s Microsoft EDU designation provides him with the tools that help him apply his learning principle. With Microsoft 365 document-management service and Microsoft Academic Edition, he uses his organization’s Azure platform as both a learning and working environment. This result was born out of the process of writing and self-publishing his first novel, What’s in a Name. But then he discovered that while this initial publishing achievement was less than successful, it was, however, immediately apparent that he had developed a compelling process and method for developing and editing manuscripts. So Garie wanted to share this success with other writers and editors, perhaps those who share his own observations and/or similar values.

So he created the following pedagogy tagline to reflect his focus on learning:

Reinforcing the power of communication through education

Pedagogy tagline


Learning principle

Garie found that the markets of self-publishing, writing and editing were currently saturated with artificial intelligence (AI or so-called bots) and packaged deals that not only seemed like but also felt like the status quo. In fact, these products do not increase the kind of knowledge, or offer the types of extrapolative processes, that could enable meritocracy. Instead, when he delved into the process of soliciting/securing and/or ascribing to these products and/or services, he discovered that they neither offered nor focused on education. But critical achievement is still important to many, including him.

So he developed the following learning principle:

Work the solution out rather than find instant answers.

Learning principle


A grand design

The Microsoft EDU designation allows Garie to work in a hybrid learning environment that also meets the requirement for sharing his educational content in a digital (online) learning environment via Microsoft Teams.

Hence the aspirational quote for what he, including other writers, can aspire to:

Your writing craft is a grand design.

Aspirational quote