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What’s in a Name

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They say that the name of a man is a shield and a sword.

—Iyanla Vanzant

“What’s your name?”
“Dell-Dell, ma’am.”
“Gladys Waters.”
Gladys Waters invited the woman into the house.

What’s in a Name is a fictional tale about a woman who has been renamed by her dying mother. She accepts that name, but then she goes silent about its significance. Now an adult, a married woman, she finds herself in a battle to no longer remain silent.


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The Perfumed Shroud

Coming winter 2023.

A mother’s love is powerful, and so can her denial be.

“Love you, Ma.”
Those were the last words Rick had spoken to Enid since he left. They had a place on each side of a right triangle, not a rectangle, and that is where—along the opposite, the adjacent, and the hypotenuse—the pain caused by the love of a missing child can be found.

Enid Rose has been coping with the death of her day-old newborn. Shortly after her husband’s sudden death, she is now overwhelmed by the sudden disappearance of her twenty-year-old son. When she begins to engage in a strange pastime to cope, it not only puts her and her entire neighbourhood at odds, it exposes a fragility between her and her neighbour that will culminate in a deadly situation.

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The release date for the final book in the series will be announced.

An unimaginable event has played out in the lives of two men, a father and a son, and whales and seasons are at the heart of their tale.

I wanted to become a soldier so that I could find my mother and kill her.

Bushnell has just moved his father, Big Busha, out of a nursing home to live with him. Both men hold each other accountable for the death of the woman they both loved: Bushnell’s mother, Bernice. Now Big Busha is dying, but Bushnell needs the answers that only his father can provide about the events that precipitated his mother’s death.