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What this site is about

This website is about sharing Garie’s successes as a writer and promoting his professional development. Also, we aim to make it a hub of both insightful and educational content.

The following two quotes capture the creative and transformative ideals to which we aspire and of which we aim to make this website a reflection:

“Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations.”

Edward Sapir, Language (1921)

“Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation.”

Toni Morrison

You need not have been scared of anything, but if you’ve ever been challenged by English or how it works (its linguistic aspect), this website may be of interest. It may intrigue you; it may even inspire you. Our educational content is intended to offer a qualitative experience from a creative, linguistic and grammatical point of view. That being said, it’s a good idea to remember that there are many theories in English and many ways to parse a sentence.

Who are you?

You may be a reader interested in another point of view or just a good story about the human condition—either of which you may find in What’s in a Name. But you may also be looking for a writer with excellent grammatical skills and solid knowledge of narratology or for a skillful editor.

Who are we?

At some point during the process of pursuing his vision of becoming a writer, a period that began in March 2016 (almost seven years ago now), Garie realized something: he just did not understand how the English language work. That realization became a pivotal moment that transformed his life in that he began to carve out a new career and figure out his life’s purpose. This outcome resulted in his learning education, wherein he independently developed an education strategy that would enable him to pursue an education in English grammar and linguistics to learn to write fiction (narratology) and edit. Finally, he had to face the daunting task of self-publishing his own work.

But Garie found that the markets of self-publishing, writing and editing were saturated with artificial intelligence (AI or so-called bots) and packaged deals that not only seemed like but also felt like the status quo. In fact, these products do not increase the kind of knowledge, or offer the types of extrapolative processes, that could enable meritocracy. Instead, when he delved into the process of soliciting/securing and/or ascribing to these products and/or services, he discovered that they neither offered nor focused on education. But critical achievement is still important to many, including him.

So Garie has developed this website to share the meaningful wins throughout his evolution. Therefore, this is a way of sharing his successes as a writer and promoting his professional development through insightful and educational content.

We use Microsoft 365 to create, develop and formalize this content, which is Garie’s own pedagogical solutions that help him produce manuscripts that are highly readable and semantically sound. These solutions encompass both the linguistic and the grammatical.

He is currently completing two additional novels that along with What’s in a Name, his first, will form a thematic trilogy.

What’s in it for Garie?

He takes a linguistic approach to his writing to enable himself not only to write literarily but also to edit. The objective is for him to keep learning.

The philosophy

Content philosophy

Through blogs and articles, we present educational material that could be used to optimize both your writing and your editing, even as we aim to make this website a hub of both insightful and educational content.

The following two quotes inform the overall approach of the educational content of this website:

“When we are talking about language and linguistics, we are talking about [how] it [language] is used, not language as some people use it—that’s literature.” —Dr. Edwards, King’s College London

“Linguistics is about how language works, so some people may know a whole lot about one particular language and that’s it.“ —Linguistics in Arrival: Heptapods, Whiteboards, and Nonlinear Time

We believe that understanding both English grammar and its linguistic aspect maximize a writer’s ability to influence diction.

Moral philosophy

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

And RuPaul said, “In this life, if you can stay flexible, you have a really good chance of navigating a really rich experience for yourself on this planet.”

So flexibility and giving are our philosophies.


We aim to make the educational content of this website as accurate as possible. This is achieved by making references at times.

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