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An educational and grammatical editing business for manuscripts

Our solutions focus on usage (hence it is educational) and grammar (for editing purposes).

McIntoshLinguistics is a business for manuscripts that provides editing products and publishing solutions that aim to meet traditional publishing standards through our own process-method that addresses Syntax & Semantics, Orthography and Readability Elements, or what we like to call The SSORE of writing & editing, or simply, SSORE.

Core components of our solutions model

Our educational/pedagogical component of editing focuses on usage through a heuristic technique that aids in

  • learning English grammar, English syntax and English linguistics.

Our grammatical component of editing is chock-full of exploratory problem-solving techniques through a approach heuristic that results in

  • self-educating techniques.
Because we focus on the usage aspect of English and exploratory problem-solving techniques, education is the sine qua non of McIntoshLinguistics.

Garie McIntosh

What we believe

  • Understanding that both grammar and the linguistic aspect of English maximize a writer’s ability to influence diction.
  • Once you understand the linguistic concepts of grammatical form and grammatical function, and syntactic functions, you can harness these powerful tools for trenchant editing.
  • With our process-method, we can help you ensure a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript.

This novel is a product of MCINTOSHFORMS™ Pedagogical Editing Solutions

MCINTOSHFORMS™ Pedagogical Editing Solutions has been successfully used by Garie McIntosh to edit his first novel.

What we do

McIntoshLinguistics is an educational and grammatical editing business for manuscripts that uses a process-method that aims to meet traditional publishing standards. The process-method addresses Syntax & Semantics, Orthography and Readability Elements. The business has been created by Garie McIntosh as a result of his English studies to become a writer.

Throughout this process, Garie observed the different structures of the language while he paid particular attention to the vocabulary, the grammaticality and the diction of his literary prose. This observation was also captured by what Mary Dalrymple said via ThoughtCo. about lexical-functional grammar and the different kinds of structure in a natural language utterance: “words form phrases, grammatical functions emerge from morphological and phrasal structure, and patterns of phrases evoke a complex meaning.”

As a result, our own process-method was developed to help you isolate many of these structures and patterns in your manuscript after the writing process to analyze/review them. It echoes lexical-functional grammar, or psychologically realistic grammar, which, according to Richard Nordquist “provides a framework for examining both morphological structures and syntactic structures.”

Similar to functional grammar, our process-method helps you put together English language patterns (structure/form) and shows you what to do with them (function) so that the communication is clear and/or so that you can achieve a diplomatic, polemic or trenchant effect.

Our process-method involves:

  1. Understanding the linguistic concepts of grammatical form and grammatical function
  2. Using advanced wildcard searches of manuscripts developed in Microsoft (MS) Word
  3. Adhering to a process-method that addresses syntax & semantics, orthography and readability elements.

How we do it

Products | Solutions
  1. Process-method: The LEP webbook
  2. Editing product: MCINTOSHFORMS™ Pedagogical Editing Solutions
  3. Publishing solutions: Dynamic Editing Worksheet + Building Perfect Book Blocks
Pedagogy | Service
  1. Advanced editing (Manuscript editing consultancy): Garie’s editing tools
  2. Grammatical approach: SSORE
  3. For all our FREE educational posts, please visit our Knowledge base.

Our aim

The aim of McIntoshLinguistics is to demonstrate the interrelationship between words and grammar according to the lexical-functional grammar model, whose framework examines both morphological structures and syntactic structures.

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