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What’s in a Name to be part of a trilogy with a barred-spiral theme

What’s in a Name and two other books to be published will form a series of inter-related novels in a thematic trilogy. In relation to this theme, The Barred-Spiral Trilogy [1]Semantic note: The compound adjective “barred-spiral” is a combination of the adjective-forming –ed of barred + spiral, the former of which means “possessing, provided with, characterized … Continue reading promises to be a reflective take on the relationship between mothers and their children. The idea for this theme came out of something that cosmologists already know: that “bars generally affect . . . the motion of stars within spiral galaxies.” This effect is the inspiration behind the name of the trilogy.

The barred-spiral theme of the effects that mothers have

The trilogy compares a mother’s influence to what happens, the motions, in a spiral galaxy that has a central bar-shaped structure, and as such is known as a barred spiral galaxy. For example, one may think of mothers as these structures, within which galaxies exist. But one may also think of children residing within these galaxies and, as such, as the stars. Consequently, and naturally, motions affect the stars, the events in our lives and every encounter therein that mothers effect.

The psychology of traumatic events connects us to storytelling

In this age psychology reinforces that traumatic events are inescapable. But it also reinforces solutions while it promotes hope and healing. And of course, wisdom points to the fact that mothers play not just an important role but a powerful one in humanity. This influence could be seen to have a barred-spiral effect in the lives of their children. Iyanla Vanzant, author and inspirational speaker, has had a lot to say on the subject. She once said the following on her television series, Iyanla, Fix My Life:

They say a man is who his mother makes him.

All men marry their mothers.

—Iyanla Vanzant

Yet despite the mistakes of mothers, there are lessons and, most importantly, hope. Oprah Winfrey touched upon the latter truth in a recent interview. According to the interviewer, “Oprah has written a book revealing how critical all adults are in shaping a child’s future, and says she is living proof.” Oprah herself said the following while being interviewed for the book, which is titled What Happened to You:

Why aren’t I stone crazy? Why don’t I have more problems? Your relationships with people who cared about you other than your family members changes [sic] the way you view yourself and . . . the world.



1 Semantic note: The compound adjective “barred-spiral” is a combination of the adjective-forming –ed of barred + spiral, the former of which means “possessing, provided with, characterized by.”