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Syntax & semantics, orthography and readability elements (SSORE)

A framework
[W]ords form phrases, grammatical functions emerge from morphological and phrasal structure, and patterns of phrases evoke a complex meaning.

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A framework of SSORE

The framework addresses some of the recurring patterns and different kinds of structures in manuscripts.

The following describes how SSORE is incorporated into our copyediting process and overall model:

  • Syntax & Semantics focuses on constituent arrangement (sentence level) and meaning (paragraph/global level), respectively.
  • Orthography focuses on spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, word breaks, emphasis (italics) and punctuation (SCHWEP).
  • Readability Elements focuses on ensuring that there is a smooth flow and that the text makes sense overall via literary devices, such as comparison, contrast and opposition, rhetoric, syntactic coordination, and different types of agreements including that of subject-verb and antecedent-anaphor (i.e. relative clauses).

SSORE posts

These address some of the recurring patterns and different kinds of structures in manuscripts.
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