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The day turns freezing and dark, a heinous crime occurs and abandonment ensues. It is the last day of school for a twelve-year-old girl named Christine in 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

Twenty-one years later, she finally realizes that her silence about the meaning of her other name, which her mother gave to her on her death bed, threatens her survival. She has formed a compromise through her new name, Lena, to survive the events of her childhood.

Accompanied by her husband, she takes the trip of her life to a paradisaical landscape, Jamaica, where she meets a woman who knows about compromising. Christine discovers that both a woman's compromise and her retraction of that compromise can be not only courageous but also dazzlingly infelicitous.

That infelicity is found in the name of a seventy-four-year-old Jamaican woman who now calls herself Dell-Dell.

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A jaw-dropping novel about the power of secrets, the people who wield such sometimes inexpressible power and the women haunted by those secrets.

What’s in a Name is about Christine, who has remained silent about the events that involve her mother renaming her and the real meaning of the name itself. After she accepted that name, she went silent about its significance. As a married woman, she now finds herself in a battle to no longer remain silent.

The novel takes the reader on a searing journey that intimately portrays the lives of seven women. A must-read, it will change the way we view secrets, what we think of them and ultimately, how we address them, even the women who keep them.

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