At some point during the process of pursuing my vision of becoming a writer, a period that began in March 2016, I realized something: I just did not understand how the English language works. That realization became a pivotal moment that transformed my life because I began to carve out a new career.

Experience and learning education

One of the real-world issues that I faced was that I could not find an existing tool, process or method for writers like me to enable us to achieve a high degree of professionalism in our work independently. While there still exists a requirement to outsource our work at varying stages of development, or a possibility to even benefit from AI technology, these steps can feel highly transactional because they typically neither offer nor focus on an individual’s learning education.

The personal answer to this issue was to develop an information architecture (IA) for an educational and grammatical editing model to use to support educational processes and meet traditional publishing standards.


Copy-editing skills

My talent lies in discovering learning opportunities and making innovative connections to create unique processes and methods through grammatical and linguistic studies.

I have a keen eye for the linguistic property of transitivity. This bread-and-butter element of all writing is the key that allows me to perform copy edits that make writing trenchant and give it rigour.
I achieve this keenness through understanding and applying the acumen of predicative elements. I am also a master in the use of tense (“the grammaticalization of location in time”), and verb inflection and conjugation.


Present publication and future works

My focal disciplines include etymology, syntax, rhetoric, grammar and lexicography, all of which I enjoy utilizing to solve problems in unique ways.

The organization

‎McIntoshLinguistics on the Microsoft platform

McIntoshLinguistics is an organization that I created that houses a unique educational and grammatical editing model, and is an IA for writing, an editing system and publishing solutions to help meet traditional publishing standards.


The proposition

About our teaching method, Microsoft Teams Education, and our offer

About Microsoft Teams Education (EDU)

As an organization that supports educational processes through a Microsoft Qualified Educational User designation, we use Teams to build a professional learning community and create unique processes and methods through grammatical and linguistic studies.

Our EDU designation equips members with Microsoft academic tools and a myraid of collaboration tools.

Microsoft resources about Teams

Our offer

When you join McIntoshLinguistics, you get Microsoft Teams as part of Microsoft 365 for FREE.

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